Pricing Information

    Single Plot:  $2800            Grave Setup, Opening & Closing      $1500

Large Dog Plot:  $1500          Grave Setup, Opening & Closing      $1000

Small Pet Plot:  $800           Grave Setup, Opening & Closing     $650

Cremains Plot:  $800            Grave Setup, Opening & Closing     $650

Opening and Closing on Saturday, Sunday, or holidays is an additional $500

Plots may be selected and purchased in advance or at the time of need. Grave Setup and Opening and Closing fee is paid when scheduling a burial.

Please contact us at 512-796-5240 for additional information.

A winding path

Rules and Regulations of the Park

For the mutual protection and benefit of plot holders in Eloise Woods, the following rules and regulations have been designed to encourage visits to this beautiful burial woodland, and to protect, nurture and preserve this open space.

Park Hours– Following the light of the season, the Burial Park will be open from sunrise until sunset. The management shall have the right to fix the opening and closing hours of the Burial Park accordingly.

Visitors– “Come away by yourself to a quiet place and rest for awhile.” We welcome you to Eloise Woods as a place of peace and contemplation. We reserve the right to ask anyone not respecting the dignity of the burial sanctuary to leave.

Children– We request that children under 17 years of age be accompanied by an adult.

Animals- Animals are welcome in the woods as long as they are on a leash and kept from digging in the grounds or chasing the wildlife.

Markers– Grave markers must be flat field stones, or other natural stone, no taller from the ground than three inches and no wider than two feet in any direction, including diagonally. The stones can be engraved but not processed in any other way. All markers must be approved by the management before placement.

Burial containers– All burial products must be biodegradable. Coffins or caskets must be composed entirely of biodegradable materials such as wood, cardboard or natural fibers, with no synthetic liners or metal or plastic hardware attached. Burial shrouds should be sewn from fabrics containing only natural fibers (no acrylics or polyester).

Embalming prohibited– No body interred at Eloise Woods may be embalmed.

Flowers and Ornamentation– Keeping with the natural beauty of the land and the wildflower meadows, no artificial flowers may be left in the woods. Fresh cut flowers are permitted but will be gathered within three days. Sprinkling of native wildflower seeds is permitted. Texas native shrubs and trees (Native Texas Plants) may be planted with the written permission of the cemetery management, but must be cared for by the plot owner. Ornamentation such as toys, ornaments, decorations, stonework and borders are not permitted and will be removed by management. Vases, floral pieces or baskets may be used during funeral services held in the burial park but must be removed immediately thereafter.

Motor Vehicles– All vehicles must observe a five miles per hour speed limit. Roads are narrow and uneven. It is prohibited to leave any motor vehicle on any road or driveway within the burial park or to park in such a position as to prevent any vehicle from passing, and if so parked or left, the management may remove the vehicle at the owner’s expense.



Conduct in the Park

Trash- All visitors must remove their trash from the Burial Park when leaving. 

Flowers, trees and shrubs– So that all may enjoy their beauty, destroying any growing plants within the Burial Park is prohibited.

No soliciting or advertising is allowed in the Burial Park.

Outside workers– No workers other than employees of the management will be permitted to work in the Burial Park unless authorized by the management.

Employees– Burial Park employees are not permitted to do any work for plot holders except upon the order of the management. The management shall have the right to take security measures if it deems necessary but is under no legal obligation to do so.

Loss or Damage– The management disclaims all responsibility for loss or damage from causes beyond its reasonable control, especially from damage by the elements, thieves, vandals, or outside caretakers whether the damage be direct or collateral.



It is our great honor to be good stewards of the natural beauty at Eloise Woods, and to create the most inspirational natural burial park possible.


One of the many natural benches available for visitors.