Eloise Woods

Community Natural Burial Park


Flora & Fauna

At the inception of Eloise Wood we asked local naturalists to visit the property and identify some of the plants and fauna. They were very happy to report that the land was in good condition and that it seemed to have been previously owned by a good land steward.


The two most common trees at Eloise Woods are oaks and cedars. They are both native to Texas.

Quercus stellata (Post Oak) is an oak in the white oak group. It is a small tree, typically 10-15 meters tall and 30-60 cm trunk diameter, though occasional specimens reach 30 meters tall and 140 cm diameter. They have scaley alligator bark and "bell" or "duck-foot" shaped leaves. The leaves have a very distinctive shape, with three perpendicular terminal lobes, shaped like a Maltese Cross. They are leathery, and tomentose (densely short-hairy) beneath. The branching pattern often gives this tree a rugged appearance. The acorns are 1.5-2 cm long and are mature in their first summer.

Juniperus virginiana is a species of juniper native to North America. Cedars soak up 60% of the water from the group: approximately 450 gallons per day.

Yaupon (Holly) is the only native plant in the US that contains caffeine. It shows small red berries in the fall.