Eloise Woods

Community Natural Burial Park



Please only use the PayPal button below AFTER you have received an emailed invoice totaling and itemizing the charges.  Please contact Ellen (eloisewoodsburial@gmail.com) to discuss your needs.


Optional Services


Hydraulic lowering machine                            20' x 20' tent

NOTE: So sorry for the inconvenience but due to an injury Ellen is no longer able to dig pet graves or cremated remain graves. There is no one else available to dig unfortunately so it is more of a do-it-yourself situation right now. We have a few pre-dug graves available at the prices below but there are not always open graves available. In the past I have had luck finding diggers at the Austin Day Labor center or boyscouts from various Bastrop County troops. 7/19/18 Hopefully this situation will improve soon!





Checks can be made to Ellie's Green Burials LLC and mailed to 3404 Shinoak Drive, Austin, TX 78731.  We do not accept credit cards.  Payments may be made in cash but must be exact as no change is available. There is also a PayPal button at the top of the page.

We can also refer families to home funeral consultants (also called home funeral guides or death midwives) who show families how to do a family-directed funeral.

Eloise Woods is a natural burial park. We are not a funeral home and therefore do not provide transportation services or care for the deceased.  However we can provide information about local established Funeral Homes.  The family can do as much or as little of the funeral arrangements as they desire. The State of Texas allows families to care for their own dead (see Texas Home Funerals for detailed instructions). The family may transport the deceased to the cemetery, and at Eloise Woods family and friends may open and close the graves themselves as well as lower the body into the ground.

**  Embalming is not required by law and neither are concrete grave liners (also called burial vaults).  Containers are also not required**.