Eloise Woods

Community Natural Burial Park


More about Ellen

Ellen Macdonald owns and manages the park. If you see a woman pushing a wheelbarrow mulching trails or digging holes in the mornings at EloiseWoods that would be Ellen. 

          Ellen with her sister, Jennifer and dad, Mike

Besides taking care of the Park, Ellen also cleans up after 2 teenage boys (Ian, 16 and Sam, 14.. in 2012), 4 cats, 2 fish and 2 frogs. Before realizing her dream of creating a green cemetery, Ellen entertained herself by decorating her backyard with art projects such as this mosaic mural on the back wall of her house.

Before that, she earned a PhD in Neuroscience at UC San Diego, but got tired of chopping off rat's heads. When she is not mulching trails or digging graves, Ellen also delivers groceries for Meals on Wheels homebound clients, volunteers at Hospice Austin's Christopher House, and traps feral cats for the Austin Humane Society. 

 Ian and Ellen in Central Park 2011