Eloise Woods

Community Natural Burial Park



Welcome to Eloise Woods Community Natural Burial Park which is located 10 miles east of Austin in Cedar Creek, Texas. We offer “green” or “natural” burials which involve no toxic chemicals or non-biodegradable materials. This means that no embalming of the body is required, we do not bury metal caskets, and we do not use concrete grave liners. Instead we suggest the use of a shroud or biodegradable container. We offer different plot sizes for individuals, families and even pets. A natural burial preserve is an open space with trees, grasses, and wildflowers, which brings birds and other wildlife to the area.  Conservation burial is a beautiful and natural way to honor a loved one. It is our great honor to be good stewards of the natural beauty at Eloise Woods, and to create the most inspirational green cemetery possible. Eloise Woods is privately owned by Ellie’s Green Burials LLC.